Hooist hand rope winch 30kN

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  • High end rope winch for hand or cordless drill drive
  • NOW: patented! All dependent claims were fully accepted - which means we've nailed it
  • 30kN (=3t) continuous pulling force, means: lifting capacity, but it's not approved for lifting


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  • NEW: newly designed rope attachment on pulling device*
  • High end rope winch for hand or cordless drill drive (max. 40Nm)
  • NOW: patented! All >12 dependent claims were fully accepted - which means we've nailed it!
  • WLL 30kN (=3t) working force continuous pulling force, means: lifting capacity (with appr. 200N / 20kg hand force or 40Nm torque of a motor).
  • NOT approved for lifting!
  • rope length optional fitting to use (appr. 60m fit into pouch)
  • hand crank with ratcheting function and counterhandle for easy working in any position and direction, also in tight spots
  • milled gear box in high strength aluminium (7035), sealed and greased
  • all metal accessories in stainless steel or anodized aluminium
  • integrated pulleys multiply single rope force (=5kN) by 6, easy rope attachment due to quick locking plates
  • all pulley rollers with sealed needle bearings
  • pulley can also be used as 2x amplifying to 10kN / 1t pulley with using only 1 roller
  • rope breaking strength 2.8kN (x6 strings)
  • rounded rings on main plate and pulley for soft shackles and steel shackles

*tests with a new pulling test machine have shown that under overload (>3t) it can occur that the rope sheath breaks and the rope slips.
The knew attachment provides more safety. This kind of rope is difficult to gelt hold to!
Also, now the rope sheath can break under a load of appr. 6t, but the core will hold more now.

Scope of  delivery:

  • main gearbox mounted on 30kN-plate for high force
  • pulley with 3 rollers, in small upholstered pouch
  • crank (ring ratchet 17/19mm) with handle
  • stabilisation handle, multiple positions
  • all comes in upholstered pouch 350x220x150mm with zipper and handle
  • rope has to be ordered sperateley! Colour is black-yellow. Order by meter. Ends secured with textile tape. See rope attachment guide!


Rope length: appr. 2.5m are neccessary inside the winch für attachment (0.4m), between the rollers and for the winding mechanism. The rest has to be devided by 6 to get the stroke. 
Example: 33m will roughly make 5m of travel, which is usually enough for most recovery situations.


Links to Videos:

Hooist Kurzfilm, shows all in 30s


Relleumdesign Hooist Handseilzug hand rope puller


Relleumdesign Hooist wind brake ,felling trees and pulling



Safe tree felling at the lake:



Background infos:

The specialties of this winch is, thet the rope is running around the 2 shafts in multiple windings and 2 clamping rollers, which protects the rope from wear and it provides a good force transmission from the sheath to the core.

Other likewise winches do offer only one clamping roller which can easily overload the sheath. The hooist technique is vital for transmitting the maximum of pulling force with using the maximum of rope capacity.

The Hooist device was designed for heavy use in professional purposes with an input from the field of people recovery in mountaineering or industrial activities.
There is no official approvement done yet, so there will be no liability for usage in life critical situations.

For the use in vehicle revocery and like, it has the advantage of a high versability in terms of direction and attachment. Standard vehicle winches offer only a limited rope length and a significant drcrease of pulling force, the bigger the rope drum gets with pulled in rope. And usually, these electric winches can only pull at the front of the car.
Also, the use of a sheathed rope (breaking strength of 28kN = 2.8t) provides good protection against wear, UV radiation degradation and damage.

The core winch is designed to pull with 5kN=500kg of force. For light purposes, you can pull directly with the rope. The pulley can be used also with only one deviating roller, so the force is doubled and the speed is higher.

In full configuration the rope has 6 strings, making it very reliabel. Please attend to the rope attachment pics! The special knot is vital because this kind of rope is very difficult to attach without reducing the bracking strength too much.

To double the 30kN pulling force, you can always attach an additional single pulley like with any other winch. Consider the slower speed then.


Usage in:

  • device is not officially approved for lifting
  • car recovery
  • tree felling and pulling
  • rock displacement
  • event rigging
  • boating, pulling on trailers



There is no liability or warranty in case of accident due to the unknown forces when in manual use in the field.
Always make shure to follow safety rules for recovery or rigging.
Use a backup system in critical situation to prevent falling/slipping loads or rollaway results in case of failure.
Do not use connecting devices with a breaking load below 100kN=10t.



Always carry enough other ropes and straps to be flexible with the attachment on remote fixing points and the vehicle or like. Knots will reduce the load capacity of ropes to about 50% or less! Use attachments with at least 10t breaking resistance to be safe for unexpected force peaks.

Make yourself familiar with recovery issues, safety precautions and handling of ropes, shackles and straps! We cannot provide any warranty for accidents while using the "hooist" for recovery purposes due to the uncertainty of the forces and diversity of situations.

NEVER exceed the WLL of 30kN or abuse the breaking load capacity or input torque (max. 40Nm) of the Hooist otherwise.

Read the brief manual before use! Attach rope only according to manual, other knots will severely weaken the rope or it might slip through.


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