Tow hook recovery point Crafter/ Sprinter front

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  • reinforced recovery hooks for left and right side
  • fitting to Sprinter (906 + 907) and Crafter < mj. 2017, not fitting to new Crafter mj 2017-
  • attached directly in main frame with hight strength screws
  • pictures are from the pre serial version, parts were improved since then
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Delivery time: 2 - 4 Workdays

  • fitting to Sprinter (906 + 907 with more effort) and Crafter < mj. 2017, not fitting to new Crafter mj 2017+ !
  • right side: original thread bush is reinforced with support and 2 screws
  • left side: completeley new parts inserted so you have two almost symmetric recovery points, both atteched directly to the frame
  • max. load per side 7.5t when pulled straight
  • per side 2 holes 12.5mm neccessary + opening in attached bumper, see pics of "Einbauanleitung..." pdf
  • 907: on the right side the AdBlue tank has to be moved. It is not possible to drill for the foremost screw because there is a plate in the way from the outside. From the inside, 2 tubes must be moved away and for drilling there are some parts which have to be removed.
    On the right side it is sufficient to use only the rear screw as the original welding seams take the rest of the load sufficiently. The inserted steel block has the main task to strengthen the original thread bushing against horizontal forces
  • Bull bar: There may occur a collision with certain front bars due to unavoidable asymmetry (to the right hook) of the left hook. This is due to geometrical facts of the bumper and strength reasons.

Important notice: NEVER attach a strap in a closed triangle, always attach like an open V with both ends to the eyelets!
Connecting the eyelts with a piece of strap will pull them towards each other, resulting in serious damage.


  • never lift the vehicle with those recovery hooks! They are not designed to carry that much vertical load.
  • always use a V-shaped additional load distributing belt or strap (length 3-4m) and use both hooks when perfoming offroad recovery!
  • do never use metal shackles for attaching straps or to combine V-strap and recovery strap. Use soft shackles or direct connection with loop.
  • with side load, turn both eyelets flat to pulling direction. ALWAYS use both eyelets! Pull gently first. Breaking load is considerably reduced with load under different, larger angles, no force limits can be named.
  • Always use elastic recovery strap to reduce stress in parts
  • follow general recovery advices, don't panic, take your time, get out of the range of snapping and flying parts
  • cover all revovery straps with a heavy blanket or bag to prvent snapping into windows
  • some pictures are from the more edgy preserial version, current version is thoroughly rounded.
  • There ist NO warranty to damages to the vehicle or the parts itself due to use of the hooks as the circumstances can never be defined. Careful design with a load buffer is all we can do.
    All other load definitions by other companies can never be more than an approximation and good guess (except certified straps and shackles etc.).

Installation manual (german) recovery point Crafter / Sprinter

Installtion manual (in german) for recovery points for Crafter/Sprinter

SKU: 1032
Item weight‍: 4,15 kg
material‍: steel 30mm
Designed by‍: Relleumdesign
Breaking limit‍: 2x 7.5t
Condition of delivery‍: single piece
  • 1 base parts left side, 66x30x150mm
  • 1 support for right side 30x33x128mm
  • 2 eyelet bolts M16
  • 4 screws M12x90, 10.9 zinc plated
  • 1 drilling template
  • 1 hole cover rubber


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