Rope black-yellow for Hooist hand puller

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  • High strength rope Liros "Magic Control XTR" with breaking load 28kN / 2.8t
  • black-yellow
  • extremely low elasticiy
  • casing with high abrasive an heat resistance by Kevlar-fibres
  • end stabilized with textile tape, melting not really possible
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  • high strength Dyneema casing-core rope Liros "Magic Control-XTR" 6mm
  • breaking load 28kN / 2.8t
  • casing highly abrasive and heat resistant*
  • you purchase 1m for 1 item. When Hooist is equipped with all pulleys this means you would need 6 times the pulling length. A good size is 20-30m, making 5-6m working travel**. A Palstek knot is recommended for the end connection.


*the use of non casing ropes is not recommended for offroad use bcause abrasion instantly damages the load bearing fibres. Also, Dyneema is a Polyethylen (PE) fabricate, means it has a very low melting point. High quality ropes are always with casing, making them also UV reistant which PE isn't.

For any rope winch it is essential to gain a good force transmission between casing and core. This is done here at the Hooist with a multiple enlacement and a double clamping wheel. This is important especially for Dyneema core ropes because of their very low friction.
For winches with only a single enlacement or one clamping wheel it is a known flaw that they easily damage the rope, never reaching the possible rope forces because before that the casing will break which is always a lot weaker than the core.

**The usable pulling travel is an approximate information because the device length must be substracted. It is advisable to use straps or suitable ropes to bridge longer distances.
Have a look at the Relleumdesign recovery shackle wth which you can adjust the length of a snatch strap quick and precisely to your needs.

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