Hand rope puller Version 30kN / 3t

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  • New: video handling on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmPv-M7V44w
  • video Hooist rope puller, forest work: https://youtu.be/UHbKuOw1MeM          
  • hand rope puller system with continuous pulling force max. 30kN / 3t (with 200N hand force = 20kg)
  • ratchet crank allows cranking and ratcheting
  • core winch with 5kN pulling force (continuous)
  • system with 6:1 or 2:1 times force enhancement pulleys or direct pulling
  • NO rope included, please purchase rope seperately!
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Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays

  • New: video handling on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmPv-M7V44w
  • video Hooist rope puller, forest work: https://youtu.be/UHbKuOw1MeM          
  • high end hand rope puller system for professional use
  • aluminium (anodised) and stainless steel, POM plastic parts
  • system force max. 30kN continuously (!) with a hand force 200N = 20kg makes 40Nm
  • 6mm high strength rope (28kN breaking load), please order seperately by meter!
  • winchside pulley fixed
  • Hooist and outside pulley with rounded ring for soft shackles
  • rope rollerr with sealed needle bearings
  • use 1:6 or 1:2 amplifying pulley or 1:1 (i.e. 5kN force)
  • cranking and ratcheting makes working easy in all working angles, free turning handle
  • support handle to stabilize or twist into ergonomic position while cranking or ratcheting, several positions possible
  • easy controllable lowering of load by quick adjustable friction, with very low hand force. Quick repositioning of rope to pulling setup
  • greased and sealed gear box with ratio appr. 3.8:1
  • use of cordless drill possible with nut 19mm oder threesided shaft 12mm
  • double clam wheel against rope wear and against rope slipping*
  • double backstop, one on each shaft


*most rope puller have only one clam wheel which often leads to high rope wear or even braking of the casing which can lead to dangerous situations.


Content of delivery:

  • basic Hooist Puller (5kN force)
  • 2 lifting blocks with 2 rollers each and shackles
  • ratchet crank with turning handle
  • supporting lever with fixed handle
  • neoprene bag for lifting blocks
  • upholstered storage bag for all this



  • vehicle recovery, also heavy 4x4 (no trucks)
  • trailor loading (tree trunks, cars, boats)
  • forest working, lodging: pulling trees, pretensioning, determination of falling direction
  • tree maintenance: lowering of cut branches, securing old trees
  • rigging: events, steel cables, slacklining, large tents...


Why so elaborate?

The technology of the double grooved shaft (here with twin rope clam) allows working with no slip losses. Therefore no energy is lost and there is no waer to the rope casing.
The Hooist ® was deloped for professional use (industriy, rigging, human recovery) and there 100% reliance is compulsory.
Also, with the double caps securing the rope in the clam wheels, it is impossible for the rope to slip out accidently.

The pulley rollers are all with lip sealed double ball bearings which provides lowest friction.
In the gear box there are high end sleeve bearings (PTFE fibre reinforced) with the highest load capacity to provide enough safety against overloading.

The required crank forces are surprisingly low, even with a load of more than 1t it is still possible to turn the handle with two fingers.

Very unique amongst rope pullers is the very easy dosable release of the load. Due to the multiple winding one can choose the grade of friction, any load can be lowered with just two fingers. Also, the complete relive can be done in seconds.
The rope can be rewinded instantly for pulling again. The two deeply grooved shafts provide a good enegy absorption and cooling.
The inlet loop (rope can be inserted at any position after beeing pulled tight by hand) makes shure that the rope runs smoothly into the groove and will not dangle free when the load suddenly released.

Shortly, we will release the Hooist ® puller with a smaller base plate for 0.5 - 1t load (with optional pulley).


Note regarding car recovery

Standard recovery winches are rated with appr. 4-5t load. They will provide this only with the innermost rope layer (on the drum) and a limited rope length. Meaning, when the rope is not pulled out completely, the force is significantly lower.

The Hooist ® provides appr. 3t load with appr. 20kg of hand "force" (200N), but continuously. Therefore, the Hooist ® ranges on the same level as heavy duty E-winches with the advantage of beeing able to pull in any direction, standing beside the vehicle or near the anchor point. No rope strings will slip into each other, clamping mutually other strings.
The support handle makes it very handy to crank or ratch in different body positions.

As a rough rule, it's like "car weight = winch force", but in most situations a lot less is more than sufficient.


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